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*Currently free with purchase of any supercharger kit.

Although the stock tune is adequate for stock vehicles with the standard boost pulley (what comes with your supercharger), dialing in the tune for your vehicle is always best. And for those not running stock exhaust/intake/pulleys, tuning is STRONGLY recommended to avoid possible engine damage.

This provides up to a 4 hour remote tuning session with our tuner. We will connect remotely to your laptop over the internet, and based on your feedback, make adjustments, followed by test-drives, and subsequent adjustments if needed, until we have your vehicle dialed in.

Required for Remote Tuning:

  • Tuning Cable (only for Split-Second FTC-based kits)
  • HP Tuner (only for non-Split-Second FTC-based kits. You can rent or purchase one from us)
  • Tank full of premium fuel (you should always run premium with a forced-induction vehicle)
  • Proper spark plugs, gapped at the recommended gap per the BT Supercharger installation instructions
  • Laptop with an internet connection


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