Auxillary Transmission Cooler Kit (07-11 3.8L Jeep Wrangler JK)


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From ORW:

Version 2.0 of the ORW popular JK Cooler Kit. This version is easier to install and comes preassembled. Rubber mounts included to protect cooler from vibration damage. Kit comes with unique flareless bite type fittings. Optional stainless steel hose available.

When the transmission gets too hot a warning light comes on and the motor goes into limp mode (does not go over 50mph and NO overdrive). It scares the hell out of you when you’re in the middle of nowhere! Also, at low speed the trans can hunt and not shift proper. After installing this cooler kit, the transmission has worked flawlessly.

Key Features:

1. OEM quality stack plate cooler (used by GM, FORD, Chrysler for trans and power steering coolers on HD models). 11”x11”x1.5” 96 plate 25,000 BTU/HR, used in off road racing and extreme street applications, made in Mexico By Long Mfg. (NO Warranty for cross threading or cracks at the fitting, caused by improper installation of fittings.)

2. Series 8000 Push-Lite Race aluminum fittings by Fragola, all fitting supplied for complete install, made in USA.

3. Push Loc Race hose by Parker, made in USA

4. No hose clamps required on Fragola Push-Lite Race fittings with hose supplied and factory JK hose.

5. OEM VW rabbit radiator mounts, any cooler this size should be rubber mounted to minimize cracking and fatigue (DO NOT use any other mount, like MB-00-9259-0). Made in Germany, with 6mm Nylock nuts

6. ORW mounting brackets (part# 55723) 1/8” steel, precision water jet cut, all mounting holes and bent to fit, can be sold separate to be modified to work with other coolers, Made in USA

7. Grade 8 1/4-20Bolts, lock washers, and 1/4-20 Rivet Nuts (drill to 25/64”), parts included with bracket kit Made in Canada, USA, and Taiwan

8. Split loom for covering the hose. Please completely cover lines end to end, makes for a real clean job and protect the hoses from being chafed. Made in USA

9. Oil cooler can be bypassed with FRA496106BL fitting, sold separately. Made in USA

10. Shop tools and supplies needed:

Drill with 25/64” drill bit, (or 10mm Uni-bit works).
Tool to install 1/4-20” Rivet Nuts.
Teflon Tape
Tie wraps
1” ID split loom


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