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The backbone of our concept for reliability and low cost comes from the use of Eaton M62, M90, and M112 units that have been used in General Motors vehicles from the 1990s to the early 2000s. By repurposing these fine OEM superchargers we are able to maintain OEM reliability by combining the design, engineering, and manufacturing efforts of a multi-billion dollar company like Eaton with our own, while keeping kit costs well below the competition!

We use Split Second fuel and timing controllers. This is a plug and play computer to take care of the timing and fuel needs of your engine. Utilizing an additional pre-supercharger fuel injector, we are able to provide the needed fueling while at the same time cooling the intake air charge. We do not interfere with the factory tuning maps, as we feel that the manufacturer knows best. Our tuner only comes into play under boost conditions, resulting in no changes to starting, idling, or cruising.


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