BT 4.7 Kit Bracket Upgrade for OE Alternator


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The original 4.7 kits were bundled with a custom alternator due to size-restrictions. Due to world-happenings, we are unable to procure these alternators any longer. As a result, we set out to develop new bracketry that allows you to retain the factory alternator. And for those of us that like to up-size our alternators, this opens up nearly unlimited possibilities in the same OE form-factor.

At the same time, our new brackets give extremely good belt-wrap for all pulleys. This kit comes with the front bracket, H-bracket, 5 bolts, 2 steel idler pulleys, spacers, washers, and a new belt (everything you need to adapt the stock alternator to the BT kit).

This is a drop-in replacement for the Dodge RAM/Dakota/Durango application.

For the Grand Cherokee, it DOES require some minor modifications:

  1. Removal of small section (~ square inch) of the under-hood heat shielding and brace (a razor blade and grinder make this about a 5-minute job).
  2. Removal of some superficial material on the top front edge of the alternator (~ 5 minutes).
  3. Removal of some superficial material on an unused rear-side mounting tab of the alternator (~ 2 minutes).
  4. Removal of a tiny bit of material near edge of the coolant bleed screw (~ 5 minutes).


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