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This pulley should provide ~3.5 lbs more boost pressure than the standard pulley. This is handy for those that live at higher altitudes, to make up for the pressure loss due to altitude, or for those wanting more performance from their engine.

Is this safe for you? This pulley should be safe to run at 4,000 feet elevation and higher so long as you have your tuning dialed in. Our Remote Tuning Session can help get you there!

For the safety of your engine, please note:

  1. Running higher boost pressure may require adjustments to your tuning (timing and fuel). A tuning cable is available here.
  2. Your fuel system and ignition system must be operating properly. We have tune-up kits available here.
  3. We recommend staying under 9 lbs of boost; we have reports that stock head bolts stretch at ~10 lbs, and stock head gaskets leak ~12 lbs.
  4. Installing an AFR gauge (available from us here) is a very good idea to have so you know that your air/fuel ratio is within a safe zone and will allow us to help you make any necessary adjustments. Please contact us to schedule a free tuning session.

And if you have any questions whatsoever, please never hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you!

NOTE! Bundle, and SAVE!

Diameter: 2.625″


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