Jeep 2.5 and 4.0 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug


NOTE! The supply/labor shortage has caused us delays in manufacturing. We cannot guarantee ANY shipping times but we will do the best we can. Accessory orders will ship faster than full supercharger kits.
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PROTECT YOUR ENGINE – By removing the metallic particles from cycling through your engine (now adhering to the magnet of the drain plug), less particles will make their way to your oil filter, and the oil will flow more effortlessly throughout your engine. In turn, you will increase the lifespan and health of your engine. Keeping a careful eye on any metallic accumulation on your plug will help you be proactive in caring for your engine, allowing you to speak with a mechanic before a problem becomes serious and expensive to fix!

We manufacture these in-house, utilizing high-temperature neodymium magnets that have an operating strength of 302 deg F while not sacrificing their great pull force. These aren’t your cheap discount magnetic drain plugs that use sub-par magnets that lose strength when they get hot.

Most people replace their drain plug with each oil change. Doing so here with such an expensive plug would not be cost-effective, so we include FOUR replaceable rubber/metal washers so you can get up to four oil changes with this single purchase. We also offer bundles of replacement washers.


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