GREEN Filter for Top-Mount Kit


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We partnered with Green Filter USA in 2016 to provide custom-made filters to compliment our kits. And yes, they are MADE IN THE USA!

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Why are Green High Performance Air Filters important to you? Well, lets take a look at a few key points:

  • Green High Performance Air Filters are uniquely designed to take full advantage of cottons capabilities.
  • Unlike multi-layer gauze filters which can fray and release fiber particles into your engine, Green Filter USA uses two layers of tightly interwoven cotton fabric. The three main benefits to woven cotten are: it is thinner so it allows better air flow without sacrificing filtration, the cotton holds the oil more evenly, and the medium is much stronger. Unlike gauze, you cannot wear a hole in woven cotton by rubbing it, and there is no way small bits of cotton can rip off since it is interlocked with another piece.
  • Cross weaving one fine, and one medium layer, produces a fabric that is thinner and stronger than other materials and has the ability to trap dirt up down to 5 microns. The result is better airflow without sacrificing filtration. And because the fabric is so durable, they can be washed and reused over and over, which allows us to give it a lifetime guarantee.
  • Green Filter USA filters are coated in steel mesh for extra strength and durability, because of this, Green filters are much more dent resistant.
  • Other filters use a simple pressure molded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the interior components. That method saves manufacturing time, but in the process, a considerable amount of rubber can seep onto the filtering surface. This can restrict airflow as much as 25%. Green Filter USA uses a time-consuming and costlier 4 step production process which virtually eliminates seepage and maintains maximum airflow through the filter.
  • Green Filter USA filters offer fully seam welded, powder coated, laser cut steel housing with pre-assembled rubber seals on our intake housings.
  • Custom molded oversized OEM quality intake tubes with aircraft stainless steel clamps and hardware. Reinforced silicon connectors. Most other filters use chrome as their end cap, which has its aesthetic look but chrome does not last as long as stainless steel, which is why we provide you with polished stainless steel end caps.
  • Green Filter USA filters come pre-treated with a specially formulated dirt trapping oil. This oil creates a positive magnetic charge, or ionic bond, with the filters stainless steel mesh. The positive charge attracts the negatively charged dust particles entering the filter, causing them to cling to the steel mesh and allowing the cotton to remain clear for maximum airflow.
  • Economical – A paper filter should be replaced between 4,000 to 5,000 miles or every oil change. The average cost of a paper filter is about $10 to $12. After one year of driving 15,000 miles, at least 3 paper filters are needed. This totals $30 to $35. After one to two years, a Lifetime Green Filter is already paid for. This benefit is for everyone – a daily driver, an older vehicle or someone looking for the best performance.
  • Hand molded flexible rubber base on filters.
  • Green Filter USA rubber molds create air tight seals. We also feature trim-able custom fitment tabs on all filters.
  • Green Filter USA uses deeper air filter pleats which creates 20% more filtration surface.
  • Green Filter USA mesh is colored green so that even if the filter is dirty, it still appears green.
  • Race proven gains and technology.


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