1991-1999 Jeep 4.0 Premium Ignition System Tune-up (excl 1999 Grand Cherokee)


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Blue Streak High Performance Wire Set

All Blue Streak® Performance Race wire set components and manufacturing processes surpass stringent standards set by the North American racing industry. Premium spark plug boots, highest quality protective insulation and outer jacketing provide maximum protection from searing underhood temperatures. Only the finest conductive materials are used to deliver maximum voltage to the spark plug. These are truly the finest ignition wires that money can buy.

  • 600° F spark plug boots, Fiberglass sleeving and protective socks and silicone tape.
  • 8.5 mm, 15 Ohm/ft. Ferrite Mag Resistance Wire
  • Fights extreme heat better than any other spark plug boots and components on other Performance wire sets. Same materials and components supplied to many winning NASCAR® teams.
  • Super thick, Lowest resistance wire provides for hotter spark, maximum electrical energy and greater spark duration. The same wire SMP supplies to winning NASCAR® teams.


Blue Streak Distributor Rotor

Standard Blue Streak is the perfect match for any technician who commands the very highest quality, delivering heavy-duty improvements not featured in the original.

  • Standard Blue Streak rotors have solid brass segments for better conductivity and higher voltage spark to the plugs
  • Exclusive designs and extra material thickness in well area provide added security against voltage punch-through
  • Standard is a global manufacturer of original equipment ignition products, complete quality control is maintained through the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product


Airtex Distributor Cap

Airtex Premium Distributor Caps are molded from Mica-filled & Glass-filled Polyester for the best dielectric strength in the market. Tough, highly-conductive brass and copper inserts are used to increase efficiency by resisting corrosion and oxidation.

MSD Blaster Ignition Coil

When it comes to late model performance parts nothing beats bolt-on and direct connection components. These new bolt-in coils are designed with improved materials and windings to produce a stronger output.

  • Improved materials and windings for stronger output
  • Easy installation with factory style direct connections
  • Smooth idle
  • Improved mid range RPM power
  • 40,000 Volts


AutoLite Iridium Spark Plugs

XP Xtreme Performance Spark Plugs are one of the brand’s most technologically advanced spark plugs ever. With an iridium-enhanced .6 mm finewire design and patented platinum sidewire technology, these spark plugs provide better overall durability and a more focused ignition for better overall ignitability and optimum performance.

* NOTE: 1999 Grand Cherokee’s are Coil-On-Plug like later years, so this item will not work.


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