Wrangler 4.0 Liter 6 Cylinder Supercharger


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Supercharger for 1997-2006 Wrangler

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Safe, reliable, affordable, ‘plug and play’
Low boost, instant boost, no lag
Easy 3-4 hours typical install
*4-7 pounds boost on the stock 4.0L
Works and has been tested at all altitudes
Utilizes a modified GM 3.8L Eaton M90 supercharger
Rotor pack and nose drive are easily rebuildable
Retains A/C!  No relocation of any engine components, uses stock tensioner pulley
Will work for ‘strokers’ 4.5+L engines, but expect lower boost, +20-25% increase power
Fully compatible with all bolt-ons, 62-70mmTB, cat back exhaust, 703/784 injectors, roller rockers, even cam and ported big valve heads
Completely stock EFI settings and function when not in boost
7th injector, 60lbs/hr, provides additional fuel under boost and liquid intercooling effect
Split Second FTC controls boost timing retard and auxiliary 7th injector control
FTC is fully laptop programmable
FTC comes with base tune pre-loaded
FTC comes with our proprietary connectors for true ‘Plug and Play’
FTC is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway
Green Filter cleanable filter element is included
Free remote tuning if you have an AFR gauge and tuning cable

* altitude dependent. unit comes with standard pulley, higher boost pulleys can be purchased under accessories.

** Picture shown with optional stock airbox intake tube.


  1. Scott (verified owner)

    My review for the TJ supercharger kit, I’ve had the kit on for 2 years now without one problem on a 4.0 with 125,000 miles on it. Kit was very straight forward to install and if you had any questions whatsoever you could call Mark over at BT and he would walk you through it. I’m from the Chicago suburbs so I didn’t really purchase the supercharger kit for higher altitudes or anything but for actually going 4 wheeling and taking it up to the Silver lake sand dunes in Michigan. And man the power difference is incredible on the sand which ya need more power than stock to really fly through the dunes. I’ve had multiple people come up to me at the dunes and asked if I had a Chevy small block in the jeep or even an LS and just responded with a supercharged 4.0 and they were amazed at what it could do. I’m writing this review for all the sand running I do with the keep and how it attests to how reliable this kit is, sand is all high rpm and works the motor and supercharger a lot more then just regular wheeling. The limiter is hit frequently and without care because it’s a reliable set up. Currently I’m running the regulars 5-6 psi pulley with the tune from BT but I’ve been talking to make abs recently just ordered some new stuff from them to get the boost to around 10-11psi for even more power on the dunes. So my jeep is running a Dana 44 front and dana 60 rear, 5.38 gears and a long arm kit with 37inch bead locks and the supercharger has no problem of pushing it up and down the dunes in 2wd. If you’re looking for more power in your jeep this is the way to go, if you have any questions just call Mark, he’ll clear everything up.

  2. Paul

    I took the TJ to BT in Denver, where Mark Cook had it for a week doing the installation. He also replaced my OEM radiator with a 3 core aluminum unit; all new hoses, coolant, belt, 185 degree thermostat. Additionally, my TJ is an early 1997 and had an intake manifold with unequal length runners, which Mark changed out for an aftermarket equal length runner model. Before taking it there, and as a result of Mark’s instructions, I did a compression and leak down test, and fuel rail pressure test. All were good, with leak downs all 98 to 99%. The Jeep has about 63,000 miles, and has done it’s share of trails, many at Moab, medium difficulty (max of 7 rated). During the final pull, the shop owner connected his laptop to the BT piggyback ECM, dialed up Mark C. in Denver by phone, followed instructions for logging on to BT’s website, and then Mark took control via the laptop interface, of the piggyback ECM program in the car, and did some final tweeks to the AFR and timing. I also installed the platinum plugs that Mark supplied with the blower, and I had him use the high altitude (small) driven pulley. I get a max pressure of 8 PSI and an AFR at full throttle of 12.4 to 12.5. Highway fuel mileage at 65 mph, 3,000 rpm, is about 12 mpg, so somewhat less than previously.
    Before doing the BT installation, I had a shop in Reno do the following: dyno pulls for Before blower, HP & Torque; install an ‘A’ pillar two gauge instrument pod and an AFR and Vacuum/Boost Pressure gauge. We also converted the injectors to 4 hole from the OEM one hole units. It also has a header and high flow exhaust system (plus a bunch of off road chassis stuff).
    Results: a final dyno pull showed a 40 hp and 70 lb.ft. gain, for rear wheel HP of 200. All power transitions are smooth and linear, and power is excellent. Mark did a first rate job with the installation; his workmanship was outstanding. I have about 1,000 miles on the blower installation, and am totally pleased with it.

  3. Antonio (verified owner)

    97 TJ Sport
    16″ coilovers
    38.5 TSL Swampers
    3 link 4 link Barnes kit
    D60 kingpin 14-bolt
    5.38s Yukon mechanical lockers
    Adams drive shafts
    Redneck ram assist
    Antirock sway bars

    After years of work Jenny the jeep was closer to being finished then ever! But several test runs around the town later I felt like this dual purpose monster was more like a crawler only. I found my solution in Boosted Tech with a simple bolt on system that is all plug and play. Where before she huffed and puffed with the old tired 4.0 now lights up and scoots. Not bad for a bolt on. Id say best power adder for the dollar no doubt. Nice smooth power that really has impressive sound. The kit was clean easy to install with full photo included step by step instructions that had everything included but the spark plugs and they tell you which ones you need so don’t worry. Pick up dielectric grease while your there.

    Customer service is top notch. Mark is the man that answered all my questions and even some none related questions about other projects. Looking forward to getting a higher psi pulley from them soon! Freshin her up then really open her up. I find all the power I need under 4000rpm. 5th gear is usable now! YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR AIR CONDITIONING!

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    Overall great! Had to wait several months to receive it but the wait was worth it! Took me about 8 hours to install. Took my time and made sure everything was correct. Turned the key and everything started up with no issues.

  5. samehunt (verified owner)

    It’s been about a week since I completed the install of the supercharger on my ’03. I love my jeep and the things I have done to make it mine but I was having a tough decision of either putting more power in it or moving on to a truck; I would have to say I am extremely satisfied with my decision (it helps that the supercharger whine has a nice giggle factor to it). Between the ease of installation i.e. everything bolted up with out any drilling and everything needed as far as parts for the install came in the kit, the assistance of Boosted Tech, and the performance that my jeep has gained, I am highly impressed. Living in Florida, having any large inconveniences would be difficult; but due to the hard work of Boosted Tech, and aside from a small year crossover with the ECU that will be rectified in the next week (vehicle is drivable, there is just a small amount of power and lower end response left on the table, none of which is the fault of BT), at the young age of 19 this install went flawlessly. I recommend BT, if not for the product quality, then for the customer support from its personnel. I love supporting smaller shops, and it’s safe to say I can add this to my satisfied list.

  6. John (verified owner)

    I just finished installation and tuning of the BoostedTech supercharger on my 98 Wrangler with 4.0 and a manual. With 3.07 gears and 31 inch tires, I have gone from being unable to break 60 mph uphill on the highway to having to worry about a ticket on the highway! Installation was a breeze, Mark and Christopher were very knowledgeable, very patient, and very helpful, and a couple of glitches were taken care of very promptly. My Jeep is used 90% on road, and 10% off road, so it is a MUCH more usable vehicle now, as it a much more capable daily driver.
    I am an anesthesiologist by day, with a car habit as my therapy. I have basic mechanical skills and tools, but I am by no means a professional mechanic. If I had it to do over again, I would choose BoostedTech again. They deserve the praise in the reviews not only for a superior product, but for superior customer service!

  7. Neil

    We took Eugene out for his first supercharged trail ride Saturday. We went up into the mountains above Logan, Utah. Steep, rocky trails at altitude to see what this supercharger can do. Eugene is a 2004 TJ Rubicon, running the medium pulley, Edge 62mm throttle body, cold-air, stainless steel headers and a 2.25” stainless steel exhaust, auto-trans, Dana 44’s w/ 4.10’s on 37’s with a 5.5” long arm lift and an additional 1” body lift, fully caged and armored. No added tuning over Boosted’s set-up. I also have a boost gauge and an AFR gauge to watch what’s going on.

    The supercharger runs incredibly smooth. It transitions over from normal aspiration (vacuum) to boost seamlessly. You put your foot down, listen the charger’s sweet sound and watch the boost climb. The jeep effortlessly accelerates like it even isn’t trying! It accelerated even and strong, like an electric motor. Very linear, no flats spots. I can now drive at 65-70 mph again in overdrive, something I couldn’t do anymore when I went to 37’s. Off-road, it’s like having a small block Chevy under the hood, but without the weight. There’s always power when you need it. The boost does not come on hard, it comes on very controllable and there is no hesitation or lag. Throttle control is so good you won’t lose a bit of traction when you need that extra power.

    We took Eugene up to 10,000 feet and the boost was still significant. After over an hour of climbing up from 5,000 ft Eugene was starting to get hot. Never over-heated, nor even got into the ‘red’, but still does run a bit hotter. I have hood vents and cold-air intake ports on my hood to help control the heat, a quick hoods-up stop at the edge of the snow pack quickly cooled the motor. So after spending the day climbing, running around in the forest and snow, then heading home, I noticed my gas mileage only went down a few mpg’s. I suspect that if I were to drive ‘normal’ instead of playing with the supercharger all day long my mileage will be close to the same. Bonus!

    The install was also smooth and easy. I took my time and did it over 3 afternoon after-work sessions. Didn’t want to waste the weekend under the hood, rather be behind the wheel! The vacuum/boost lines probably took the most time to figure out and connect. Boosted’s instructions will get you thru it. Some jeeps have more or less vacuum lines and may seem confusing, mine had at least one extra line I had to figure out, and with a boost gauge made it two. No problem, Boosted’s instruction’s talk you thru what’s vacuum and what’s boost. Anyone can do this install.

    It took a little time to get my hands on this thing. Certain years have certain ECU hurdles to overcome. But Mark and Chris know their stuff and will make it happen! The addition of this supercharger has been, by far, the most cost-effective performance addition I have made on any of my vehicles.

    A happy customer,

  8. Joseph

    Picked this 06 Wrangler up in January….Super clean 65K mi
    Wanted to do something a little different…. stock heights
    California reverse rims… old skool trim rings… all painted to match….
    needed a little something under the hood… Boosted Technology had an solution… Boost It
    Super clean install… looks right… super sleeper performance… very streetable…but what a kick in the pants
    Thanks to Mark Cook for incredible customer support
    All good

  9. Jeremy

    HUGE THANKS to Mark and Chris for making this happen! First of all, I did call Mark and Chris a few times while installing to ask a few questions. They always answered and were very helpful. Great customer service.
    I have a 97 Wrangler Sport 4.0 manual trans, 128,000 miles with 4.56 gears and this thing is quick!
    Installation took me roughly 20 hours but this was my first endeavor with forced induction and this was a leisurely weekend job with other distractions.
    The kit came with everything for the install. I could definitely tear it down and put back together in just a few hours if desired.
    Stock internals and running safely at 7 psi and using the tune that came with the split second FTC. So NO adjustments were necessary for me living at altitude of 5300 ft.
    There is a huge difference in how well/smooth it takes off from a stop and throttle response is amazing! Give it WoT and this thing takes off! Have not hit any trails yet but I have no doubt in its capabilities.
    This is a daily driver jeep and I love every minute of it.

  10. Brad Gillis (verified owner)

    I ordered my kit from EBay on Dec 13 , 2016 and I didn’t get the kit until Jan 13, 2017 due to an issue with the tuner. Apparently Mark discovered a problem with the Split Second tuner for the 05/06 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I spoke with Mark about the tuner issue several times during the month that I waited. I got the kit and it was well packaged and appeared to be good quality. I started the install and got the supercharger mounted in about an hour. I did notice that the “tub” sat right on the injector rail, hopefully it will not be an issue later. The bracket bolted on perfectly. The belt was kind of a pain but it worked out nicely. Got the SS tuner installed with no issue. The only problem that I found during the install was the throttle cable bracket. The throttle only went half throttle. I removed the bracket & elongated the holes, then adjusting the bracket per throttle. My 2006 TJ runs well. No issues so far. I may need to go with the mid-boost pulley for more power. I live in Kansas and with the stock pulley it seems like it may need a bit more boost. I’m happy withe the BoostedTech supercharger kit. I will recommend it to all of the Jeepers here in the Kansas Flatlands.

  11. Bryon

    Got some needed repairs taken care of. It’s up and running strong! More or less magically bad ass while in boost. Impressive pull through sand spinning 35s like a boss! Thanks for all your help! TJ woke right up and I m wearing a smile ear to ear!

  12. Matt

    This review documents my experience with your Supercharger Kit. In short, nicely done. I purchased this kit in early September 2016. I received within two weeks. The product was well packed and included all necessary parts for my vehicle. I was impressed with both the quality and general appearance of the custom machined parts in this kit. After taking a deep breath, I began the installation process. I have slightly above average mechanical skills and found the parts fit well. I contacted you (Rick) about two times with some technical questions which he easily answered. It took me about three leisurely afternoons to complete. I was also detailing the engine bay at the same time. My guess, I could probably do it in about six hours if I worked straight through. I also followed the recommendation to get a lower temp sparkplug and gapped them down.

    After installation, I turned the key and it started immediately. From my initial drive, it has performed flawlessly. I have a 2001 Jeep TJ with 60k miles I purchased new. The jeep has 3.73 gears and 29 inch tires. I have stock exhaust and a k&N filter in the stock box and am operating at sea level. Using an ultra gauge, I timed my 0-60 times after installation at 7.51 sec. I was not pushing too hard and think I probably left about 0.5 sec on the table. I have about 1000 miles since installation and again, no problems. The vehicle sounds and drives completely stock unless I put my foot down.

    This is an impressive looking and performing kit. I’ll advise when I hit 10k miles. Again, Nicely done.

  13. Lonnie

    Jeep is great, runs real strong

  14. Jesse

    Thank you for the support and an awesome affordable product! The supercharger works perfectly and the power difference is astonishing. I got the low boost pulley that came with it and don’t even think I need the med or high boost for my needs. The tuner came set up and was truly plug and play. It may need some minor adjustments but I have drove it so far with the tune on it! Couldn’t be more pleased.

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