Wrangler YJ 2.5 Liter 4 Cylinder Supercharger (Gen 2)


NOTE! The supply/labor shortage has caused us delays in manufacturing. We cannot guarantee ANY shipping times but we will do the best we can. Accessory orders will ship faster than full supercharger kits.

Supercharger for 1987-1995 Wrangler 2.5 Liter



** Delayed production for 16-24 months. If you are in a hurry, don’t order.

This entire kit 100% Billet Aluminum. Not only does it perform, but is also huge eye-candy!
Safe, reliable, affordable.
Low boost, instant boost, no lag
Easy install, 3-4 hours typical install
*5-9 pounds boost on the stock 2.5L (9-15 lb pulleys available)
Utilizes heavily modified GM 3.8L Eaton M90 rotors for reduced displacement
Rotor pack and nose drive are easily rebuildable
Retains A/C!  No relocation of any engine components, uses stock tensioner pulley
Fully compatible with most bolt-ons, 62-70mmTB, cat back exhaust, 703/784 injectors, roller rockers, even cam and ported big valve heads
Completely stock EFI settings and function when not in boost
5th injector, 60lbs/hr, provides additional fuel under boost and liquid intercooling effect
Split Second FTC controls boost timing retard and auxiliary 5th injector control
Split Second FTC is fully laptop programmable
Split Second FTC comes with base tune pre-loaded
Split Second FTC clamps MAP sensor to prevent CEL’s
Split Second FTC must be hardwired
Split Second FTC has enrichment built-in to force a safe AFR under low load/boost situations
Requires 3-bolt power steering pump (any auto parts store should stock it)
Requires addition of external fuel pressure regulator (The AFPR1 works very well. Ask if you need us to provide one for you.)

* altitude dependent. unit comes with standard pulley, higher boost pulleys can be purchased. Contact us for sizing.


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